Project Passport helps companies communicate product safety and  compliance information more efficiently.Project Passport, developed by a work group in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee (FDCPMC), is a collection of resources, available free as a service to the industry, that provide companies with a more effective way to communicate product safety and compliance information about packaging raw materials, components and articles moving through the food supply chain. It creates a recognizable and adaptable system whereby regulatory information can be transmitted to buyers, processors, brand owners and officials.

Available Documents

  • Guideline for Risk Communication

    This document includes an introduction to Project Passport as well as: 1) a form for declaration of compliance, 2) instructions that provide detailed context for the form and 3) interspersed 'quick guides' to provide added clarity on the instructions.

  • Declaration Form

    The declaration of compliance form can also be downloaded by itself as a fillable document (Microsoft Word .doc file). The form is generic by design such that it can be adapted to different products in various jurisdictions.

  • Supplemental Passport Guidance Documents

    In-depth supplemental guidance is now available on complex regulatory issues that pose special challenges for supply chain communication:

    • Declaration of Major Allergens and Gluten
    • REACH (coming soon!) 

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