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The APBA responded to California's recent and misguided plan to ban plastic bags by announcing it would qualify a referendum.Learn more about the fight to help California consumers preserve their right to choose plastic bags and prevent grocers from collecting billions in untaxed profits.

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Environmental Fee Protection Act Qualifies for 2016 California Ballot
Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced the qualification of the "Environmental Fee Protection Act," a California ballot measure to redirect state-mandated sales charges on carryout bags to an environmental fund.

American Progressive Bag Alliance to Submit Signatures to Qualify Environmental Fee Protection Initiative
The initiative would direct all money generated or collected under a state law that mandates consumer charges for carryout bags to an environmental fund, rather than to grocers' profits.

In the News - WIRED Article: "Reuse Plastic Bags, Recycle Them, Respect Them"
WIRED published an article recently titled "Throwing This Out Here: Plastic Bags Are Amazing and You Should Appreciate Them More."

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