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One of four leadership councils under the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) umbrella, the Brand Owners Council (BOC) is the main point of engagement into PLASTICS for brand owners and other manufacturers of plastic consumer goods and end users of plastic packaging. The Council explores ways to work together to shape technology, standards and industry best practices, regulations and public outreach initiatives to serve the unique business interests of companies reaching the commercial and retail end-use.

The group also offers unparalleled networking opportunities across the plastics industry supply chain. Key issues for the Council include zero waste strategies around sustainability and environmental stewardship, R&D, product safety and supply chain transparency.

The Brand Owners Council’s focus is on protecting and promoting plastics as a science-based material of choice.

The mission of the Council is accomplished through several avenues:

  • The voluntary exchange of information on issues of interest to the member companies. (Such exchanges specifically avoid reference to, or any involvement of, any data or information that might be construed as confidential, proprietary or being of competitive significance.)
  • Individual company participation in various Plastics Industry Association divisions, committees and work groups. Member participation ensures brand owner perspectives are included in these groups. Each BOC member should volunteer to serve as Council liaison to at least one of the PLASTICS groups.
  • The BOC has authority to take actions in pursuit of its overall mission, including the appointment of task forces or subcommittees, initiation of budget requests and the derivation and presentation of industry positions in areas affecting brand owners.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
John Deere
Reynolds Companies
SC Johnson
The Coca-Cola Company
Dow Chemical
Newell Rubbermaid

Brand Owners Council Value Propositions

The following value propositions include current specific issues of interest.

Information Sharing

  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
  • Materials content information/deselection issues
  • Need for product development and the design piece of the puzzle
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
  • Plastics Industry Association Resource Center (sourcing, technical question forum)

Regulatory/Legislative Influence

  • Having a handle on upcoming regulations and compliance matters
  • Getting industry to be more proactive on recycling regulatory issues and requirements

Platform to Drive Broader PLASTICS Engagement in Key Consumer-Facing Issues

  • Challenges of reclamation, scalability issues
  • Increased recycled material availability/finding ways to increase use of recycled content
  • Macro-economics, leading indicators that could impact industry
  • Supply chain best practices on humanitarian/disaster aid management
  • Supporting the supplier community on sustainability initiatives/being mindful of customers yet understanding true sustainability

Shared Projects

  • “How to” Workbook or Template for managing Master Lists (of suppliers, chemicals, etc.) through the value chain downstream to the consumer
  • Outreach, use of “Plastics Make it Possible” campaign

Standards & Best Practices

  • Facilitate benchmarking across different end markets
  • Statistics and information important to business
  • Zero Net Waste program
Brand Owners Council Networking Opportunities

Brand Owner members have access to a strong network of customers and suppliers at a robust slate of fall and spring PLASTICS conferences and events – all at member discounts.

Brand Owners Council Partnership with SPE

PLASTICS and SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) recently announced the creation of a new, partnered membership program for plastics industry Brand Owners. Under the agreement, Brand Owners Council members will immediately be granted unlimited premium SPE memberships with VIP access to all benefits, as of January 2017. This partnership will allow both organizations to leverage and showcase their respective strengths while building a stronger value proposition for their traditional membership base.