Processors Council LogoPlastics companies that purchase raw plastic materials and process them into products engage the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) through the Processors Council. Active committees under the Council address issues related to automotive and industrial plastics, flexible films, rigid packaging and pharmaceutical and medical device end markets.  

The Council also promotes recycling and sustainability throughout the plastics supply chain, managing several different initiatives aimed at expanding access to recycled plastic material and making it easier for consumers and companies to recycle more plastic. The Council also promotes plastics as the material of choice in key end markets and provides unique information to its members regarding economic trends in raw plastic material trends and prices.

Committee Board Members:

Chair: Placon Corporation
Vice Chair: Jarden Plastic Solutions
Treasurer: Bemis Manufacturing Co.  

Committee Members:

Berry Plastics Corporation 
C&G/Mercury Plastics
Dart Container Corp.
Manar, Inc.
Mid South Extrusion, Inc.
Plastic Molding Technology Inc.
Printpack Inc.
Royce Associates
Sigma Plastics Group
Steinwall, Inc.

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Committees within the Processors Council: